What's your take on Instacode
  • Instacode is now out of beta and now a fully completed and tested online judge, Creating an online judge was never in our plans . But we wanted to do something for our juniors, so that they don't have to go through what we went when we were starting , I think we have pretty much played our part in taking you guys to what real world programming is all about. Yes Turbo C was an Ass then, now and forever will be , but we think you bunch of 20-30 guys will take things forward after we sign off. Let's just be honest and brutal , yes , like we told you guys to be in your first interaction with us at the starting of semester. So now we go for our endeavour , it's your turn to pick up the responsiblity and contribute in the community! Happy Coding
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How to use Instacode Online Judge

Update: Bug Fix
  • "Group" bug has been resolved. Just update your group accordingly to your semester and section.
  • Go to Account -> Account Settings -> select your group and update.

  • AC - All Correct
  • PE - Presentation Error, your solution is correct but you haven't presented it in the desired format as shown in the question.
  • WA - Wrong Answer
  • CE - Compilation Error
  • RTE/NZEC - Runtime Error, it may occur due to resource allocation, try making your array size equal to the size given in the question.
  • TLE - Time Limit Exceeded, it may occur if your program is stuck in an infinite loop or your algorithm is not as fast as required by the question.